Dan Wallace - ELI5 Author

Dan Wallace is a dedicated edtech enthusiast committed to democratizing education through technology. With an unrelenting focus on the power of simplified learning, Dan has worked tirelessly to create and curate educational resources that are both engaging and easy to understand.

Having successfully developed and deployed multiple online courses, Dan’s pragmatic approach to edtech is informed by his in-depth understanding of the educational landscape and the learning needs of a diverse student body. His accomplishments in course design and educational content have helped thousands of students gain a clearer understanding of complex subjects.

But Dan’s commitment to edtech doesn’t end with his own initiatives. For years, he has served as a senior editor at ELI5, an online platform dedicated to making learning accessible and straightforward. This role has allowed him to extend his impact, equipping others with the insights and tools they need to succeed in their educational journeys. Under his editorial leadership, ELI5 has grown into a trusted source of quality educational content, reaching students and educators worldwide.

Backed by years of hands-on experience and a passion for making education more accessible, Dan Wallace offers a unique and authoritative voice in the edtech community. His knack for breaking down complicated subjects into digestible pieces not only makes him an expert in the field but also a relatable figure for anyone interested in the transformative power of educational technology.



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